Media monitoring

Levels of media monitoring services

Influence offers three levels of media monitoring services (local and international) :

Basic service

This fully automated service uses simple keywords to search/sort news items. Subscribers receive a daily electronic report by email.

Advanced service

This service, which is assisted by our media analysts, uses multiple sort levels and generates several daily reports.

Service 911

This service, provided by our senior analysts, involves the active, uninterrupted monitoring/scanning of traditional media and social media networks. The 911 service meets the specific needs of :

  • private corporations or public agencies on the lookout for information leaks or violations of information dissemination protocols (e.g. in advance of important public announcements, such as the awarding of contracts, initial public offerings, financial results, job cuts, etc.);
  • government agencies concerned about leaks regarding, for example, budgets, new legislation or the cancellation of funding programs;
  • private companies, unions or public institutions dealing with crisis situations requiring constant media monitoring.

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