Quantitative analysis

Quantitative analysis services

" What were the media spinoffs of your last public relations campaign? How do they compare to those of your competitors? "

" Is your company getting the full visibility and attention it could normally expect from the media? "

" Is it possible to confirm (based on statics) that your organization could be the target of biased and negative coverage by certain press groups? "

" What level of attention do TV stations give to topics such as, for example, the financial news, the fight against AIDS, professional sports or renewable energy in a given day, week or year? "

" Does the media attention given to different topics vary by continent, by country or even by media type? Do statistics show that specific topics are overlooked or ignored by the media in certain areas/countries? "

" Which non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are most effective at occupying news and media space? "

At Influence, you can get answers to these questions and so many more. Thanks to the ICE system, which is fed information automatically by some thirty companies, and analyzes, sorts and compiles millions of news items in a very short period of time, our experts can develop a number of so-called media accounting models.

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