Qualitative analysis

Qualitative analysis services

" During the last crisis your company faced, how did the media coverage evolve from day to day? Was your public relations strategy effective? "

" Do you think your political party, union or company has been the victim of negative coverage by a particular group of newspapers? "

" Does your TV station offer a range of viewpoints when presenting the news? How does it compare to other news channels? "

" Are certain subjects overlooked/ignored in the news? Who is to blame? "

" How has the media coverage of your group/community evolved over the last year? How does this compare to 5 or even 10 years ago? "

Influence Communication stands out from the competition for its content analysis expertise. Individuals, interest groups and associations that make up our society interpret the news according to their own perceptions and preconceptions.

Our conclusions help translate these subjective or anecdotal impressions into observations and facts supported by hard numbers.

Thanks to an international media-monitoring network and the ICE system, a Web platform that compiles and analyzes millions of news items using Boolean logical operators, our analysts manage to successfully glean the truth from the news and scrutinize the work of those who report it.

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