Top 5 news stories - Week of July 3rd to July 9th, 2012


Rank Events Media prominence score
Top 5 news stories across Canada
1 Calgary Stampede 1.41%
2 NHL free agents market 1.39%
3 Wimbledon tennis tournament 1.02%
4 Bev Oda resigns as an MP 0.99%
5 Tour de France 0.53%



Top 5 Twitter - Week of July 3rd to July 9th, 2012



  Keywords Score
1 Happy 4th of July 3.46%
2 #100thingsaboutme 3.42%
3 #SomePeopleNeedTo 2.20%
4 #WhatBasketballPlayersSay 2.16%
5 #SomethingIGetAlot 2.15%



  Keywords Score
United States
1 Happy 4th of July 3.46%
2 #100thingsaboutme 3.42%
3 #SomePeopleNeedTo 2.20%
4 #WhatBasketballPlayersSay 2.16%
5 #SomethingIGetAlot 2.15%



  Keywords Score
1 #100thingsaboutme 3.58%
2 Happy 4th of July 3.03%
3 #SomePeopleNeedTo 2.24%
4 #SomethingIGetAlot 1.91%
5 #UnansweredHipHopQuestions 1.88%


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Press review

  • limate scientists and environmentalists need to revamp their messaging and get more involved in public debate if they want to stop what appears to be a plunging online interest in global warming, say observers of internet research trends across Canada and worldwide.

  • According to Influence Communications, a Montreal-based company that specializes in media monitoring and analysis, the story of the missing baby was the top trending story in Quebec by Tuesday morning.

  • CBC quoted Influence Communications, a Montreal-based media monitoring company, as saying that the N-word and Subban's name were used in conjunction on 17,000 tweets on Thursday night, "although not all of them were negative."


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